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Our office is open. In-person visits with personalized safety care precautions. 

If your need is pain-related, we can treat it. Our comprehensive orthopedic care is designed to address all of your musculoskeletal needs in the comfort of our office, under the supervision of a team of expert physicians and surgeons, and through the personalized attention and first-rate care that every patient deserves. No matter the age and regardless of the circumstance, we are equipped with the experience and the technology to get you back on your feet, living a pain-free, active lifestyle.

We Specialize In

  • General orthopedic surgery

  • Arthroscopic surgery (shoulder, knee, hip, elbow, and ankle)

  • Joint replacement (hip, knee, elbow, ankle, and shoulder)

  • Spinal surgery

  • Cortisone / Gel injections

  • X-ray


  • Sports medicine

  • No fault and personal injuries

  • New York State workers’ compensation / Industrial injuries

  • Arthritis

  • Trauma

  • Pain management

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